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by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Published 2012

goodreads rating 3.95 (8143)

This book picked for the June 2014 meetings.

Added by Dan Frankowski on October 22, 2012 12:00:00 AM

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4 July 2014 13:38:23


Antifragile is a challenging book yet rewarding to the intrepid -- and not easily offended -- reader. Nassim Taleb is a serious thinker & doer. His ideas are rigorously considered and explained with a lot of depth and character. Like a minor prophet, Taleb enjoys tossing the modern equivalent of graven images against rocks to show they come from dust yet stick with him and you will be left with profound issues to consider. My personal study of History and my participation in securities markets are consistent with his elucidation of what's up. Upon reading it the discussion group could not identify a software language that was Antifragile. Are any companies Antifragile? (Reinsurance?). The book is worth reading to understand who Fat Tony is, what the green lumber problem is and to reflect on the backpacking habits of the stoic.